The brand Amorio came into existence in 2012 under its parent company, Shanaya Inspiration Fashion Works Private Limited. Amorio manufactures high quality premium handmade shoes which can be compared with the best of Italian shoe manufacturers. Their manufacturing unit is located in Jaipur and the unit has a separate display area where people can come and order shoes or bags as per their needs. Amorio is more than just a brand.

 It is a medium of expression for the curious, the crazy, the renegade, the wanderer, the nomad and for people who have a whole other side to them. Those who are relentless in the pursuit of their passion, find ways to express their true selves-from the things they do to the things they wear. Welcome to the other side.

What is Amorio all about?

Shoes impact your body language and influence your attitude.  A lot can be said about a person from the shoes that one wears. Just as the eyes, which can be the window to a person’s soul, the soles which people choose to walk with, speak a lot for themselves and their owners!

There is more to Amorio than just being an exquisite luxury brand of hand-made leather shoes symbolizing unfaltering high-quality. It is a pursuit towards achieving the pinnacle of excellence. It is about connecting the calling of one’s heart to the path one walks on, what one does and also what one wears.

No wonder, it is the flame of a passionate love with which these luxury shoes are painstakingly crafted by hand from scratch till the end - to breathe life into timeless shoes that are of pristine quality, offer  unparalleled comfort and durability and also cater to the varied tastes of a widely travelled national and international audience, alike.

The brand is a unique creation which seamlessly stiches the best of both worlds in shoe-making – from the traditional handmade Italian knowledge of shoe-making to the intricate embellishments that adorn the embroidered Rajasthani ‘Jutis’ which are famous the world over. Amorio represents a confluence of cultures; every pair of shoe is not just hand-made but is interwoven with the suave and classy Italian panache along with the colourful, vibrant spell of imperial Rajasthan.

This romance affair with shoe-making is even better understood by taking a look at our skilled and devoted craftsmen. Shoe-making is an art and each of our ( ### fig.)   ‘artists’ have an experience of at least thirty five years. In an age of modern technology and mass production, these artisans seem to belong to a lost era where ‘quality’ was everything. Just as a man and his workmanship are inseparable, they continue to uphold their commitment to quality which is very much reflected in the labors of their love

Designed for delicacy, durability, beauty and comfort, every pair serves the dual functionality of style and practicality. Just as no two individuals are the same, likewise, neither are their personalities nor the way they can best express themselves That is why we customize our shoes to suit the wearers that allow them to be comfortable in their skin and walk with a confident stride!  

At Amorio, it is only after a detailed discussion with our clients and a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, their kind of personality and in what way would love to express themselves, that yet another epic shoe-making journey is undertaken. Due attention and time is given to every aspect of the shoe-making, starting from initial cutting of the leather to the final polish. It is a constant endeavor and commitment to help our customers  find and provide them with shoes that they will love simply because they enhance their  personalities and define them like a hand in  glove.   

Every pair of shoe has a story to tell.  So, whatever you chose to sport today, you’re actually telling the world a lot about yourself. At Amorio, it is all about happy feet. So, go ahead and express yourself freely -whether you choose to be bold or subtle, traditional or modern, adventurous or flamboyant, or dashing and classy!  Feel delighted as you add that extra pizazz to your wardrobe. We believe that there is a vibrant beat to every happy feet.  Let your feet do all the walking. Let your shoes do all the talking!

Passion. Perfection. Precision.


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